Engineering Capabilities

About Us

Our Passion

  • Contributing towards higher volume & quality of output, lower machine downtime.
  • Helping to maximize the OEE of the machineries and optimize energy consumption of industrial plant by providing modern, easy to use and maintain, control & automation systems tailored for customer needs.

Work Culture

  • Understanding the requirements of the customer.
  • Detailed application study of the facilities, technology and existing application with the customer.
  • With the entire database collected, a team effort is put-in at this stage to propose the apt solution for the customer.
  • Detailed project proposal is submitted to the customer with highlighting the merits of the offered solutions.
  • The technical diagrams & drawings, data sheets, the ratings of the hardware & software are sent for the customer's consideration and approval.
  • Based on the approval and agreed terms & conditions, the project is implemented and supplied and commissioned on time along with necessary project documentation.

Value Proposition

  • Requirements definition, system architecture design and planning.
  • Requirements analysis and data modeling for information systems, instruments, power distribution, motors, industrial communications, construction, etc.
  • End to end integration for hardware and software engineering.
  • Detailed drawings and bid specifications.
  • Configuration and programming.
  • Application software development.
  • Integration of all control subsystems for real time process environment.
  • Documentation and maintenance drawings, such as loop drawing and O&M Manuals.
  • Client personnel training.
  • Factory and sie acceptance tests (FAT & SAT)
  • Site installation management
  • Plant start-up commissioning and acceptance
  • Operations and maintenance support
  • Annual maintenance contract and life cycle business.